The perfect stone – from a single source

With Intexmo® polyurethane moulds, concrete admixtures and release agents from Rhein-Chemotechnik and color pigments from Scholz, you can fall back on high-
quality products and competent expert knowledge.

We support you in the realization of new developments as well as in the optimization of existing WetCast stone productions. Contact us.

Colour pigments, metering solutions and know-how for over 120 years. All pigment forms and the right dosing system for your products.
Rhein-Chemotechnik GmbH | Concrete chemistry at the highest level since 1966. Concrete admixtures, surface protection products, concrete release agents, products for cleaning and maintenance of plants, gritting granules and dosing systems. Everything from a single source.
Polyurethane moulds built according to your ideas and imagination in our own model making workshop for large serial production.